Welcome to Natural Taiji

The "Natural Taiji" centre is a non-
profit group of people dedicated to
the promotion and development of
health and self-defence via the 37
Steps Taijiquan of Prof. Cheng Man
Ch'ing (CMC).

This centre's name, conceived by Master Koh, is deemed highly representative of the pure Taiji that
he teaches.

Natural Taiji centre welcomes everyone to join the Taiji classes conducted as follows:

Form :

Prof. Cheng Man Ching's 37-steps Taiji

plus : Taiji Sword
Pushing Hands

Venue : S.R.J.K. (C) Chong Hwa, Setapak, KL.
Jalan Pahang,
Kuala Lumpur.
(next to Heritage Condominiums)

: Master Koh (aka Xu Shu Shong)

Time : Tuesday nights (8:30pm - 10:00pm)
Thursday nights (8:30pm - 10:00pm)
(closed on Public Holidays)

Fees : RM50/= per month

Contacts : Mr. Y.W. Lai (013-3627131) laiywai@pd.jaring.my
Ms. Sak Kon Foong (016-3920294) skfoong19@yahoo.com
Mdm Siow (012-3242066)
Mr. K.C.Cheah (016-2121751) ditto@streamyx.com

Our group or centre has already been around some 17 years now (started around 1989). Lessons were usually conducted in school grounds, and this particular centre has moved from its initial place, Chung Wah Secondary School, Jalan Ipoh, some 14 years ago to our current place.

This non-profit group is grateful to have Master Koh, a renowned Taiji master, as their teacher and instructor. For a background of Master Koh, please view the following page.




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